Module Building

Module Development Introduction and Benefits

Cloud based storage with project management tools for on and off site collaboration

Multiple types of content accessed anytime anywhere

Responsive design for low bandwidth

Safe environment for online learning

Content distribution based on Department or Region

Develop client content and provide curriculum mapping

Digital publishing

On demand changes

Instant customization

Effective and efficient delivery method

Module Implementation Processes


Modules include active training and knowledge base checks

Employee training and certifications as required

Continuous Training Module (CTM)

Not a one and done approach

Reinforce information retention


Communication tools in a social learning environment

Video conferencing and online meeting software

Discussion feeds

Real time text chat

IAdministrative controls for accountability and usage


Phase 1

Module Development Processes

Current content being used

Evaluate procedures used by the organization

Outline content goals and learning objectives

Establish project managers with CR2D and your organization

Meet with key content owners in the development plan

Phase 2

Develope Module Training Programs

Identify media material shortages

Develop scripts to support media material shortages

Produce additional media material

Choreograph and produce additional media materials

Provide intermediate progress module demonstrations

Phase 3

Storyboard Each Module with Objectives

Introductions Level 1 Defination

Team Creation

Preliminary Report

Incident Ranking And Review

Phase 4

Implementation of Training Modules

Interactive Assessment

Training Module

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